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Glen R. Baker, Immigration Judge, Executive Office of Immigration Review, USDOJ
Ostrander class--January, 1994


Peter H. Jung, Federal Administrative Law Judge, Office of Disability Adjudication and Review, U.S. Social Security Administration
Rutledge Class--May, 2000


Kaley Hepburn, Justice of the Peace, Brampton, ON
2007 Brickley class

Iqra Khalid, House of Commons MP
September, 2012 Bushrod Washington class

Ruby Singh Sahota, House of Commons MP
January, 2007 Fisher class 


Hon. Matthew Christian, Fairbanks District Court
Johnson Class--January, 2002


Kathryn Stocking-Tate, Yuma County Superior Court Judge
Krinock Class--September, 1991


Steven M. Basha, Yolo County Superior Court Judge
Wiest Class--May, 1979


Denise K. Lynch, Rio Blanco County District Judge
Brooke Class--September, 1982

Jonathan Bruce Pototsky, Garfield County Court Judge
Lawrence Class--May, 1991

Karen Ann Romeo, 5th District Judge
Stone Class--January, 1996


Kevin Blazs, 4th Circuit Judge
Mundy Class--January, 1986

Dawn V. Denaro, Miami-Dade County Judge
Hooker Class--January, 1993

Jalal Harb, Polk County Circuit Judge
Grant Class--September, 1987

Thomas M. Jaworski, 8th Circuit Judge
McAlvay Class--January, 1984

Robert Lockwood - 16th Judicial Circuit Public Defender
Dorothy Comstock Riley Class--May, 2009

Jeffrey Swartz,  Former Miami-Dade County Judge
Cooley Class--January, 1976


David Dickinson, Forsyth County Superior Court Judge
Blair Class--September, 1983


John L. Bell, 14th Circuit Judge
Goodwin Class--May, 1982

Charles H. Burch, 8th Circuit Court Judge
John Cross Class--January 2004

Hon. Joseph D. Christ, 20th Judicial Circuit Judge
Moore Class--May, 1993

J. Casey Costigan, 11th Circuit Judge
Lawrence Class--May, 1991

Donald D. Panarese, Cook County Sub-circuit Judge
Chandler Class--May, 1983

Stephen A. Stobbs, 3rd Circuit Judge
Williams Class--May, 1994

Todd B. Tarter, Associate Judge, 16th Judicial Circuit Court, Kane County, IL
Miles Class--May, 1986

Jeffery Tobin, 7th Circuit Judge
Morse Class--May, 1987


Dianna Bennington, Muncie City Court Judge
Smith Class--May, 2003

Chris Chocola, Former Indiana 2nd District Representative
Pratt Class--May, 1988

William Fisher, Jr., former Marion County Small Claims Court Judge,
Wilson Class--May, 1990

Michael J. Lewis, Vigo County Superior Court Judge
Chandler Class--May, 1983

L. Benjamin Pfaff, former Elkhart County Superior Court Judge
Chandler Class--May, 1983

John M. Plummer III, Lawrence Circuit Court, Juvenile Referee
John W. Stone Class--January, 1996

Richard W. Poynter, Jackson County Prosecuting Attorney
Fead Class--May, 1999


Hiroe Makiyama, House of Councillors, National Diet of Japan
Lawrence Class--May, 1991


Charles Macheers, 39th District Representative
Stone class--January, 1996


James W. Craft, II, 47th Circuit Court Judge
G. Mennen Williams Class--May, 1994

Earl-Ray Neal, 25th District Judge
Stone Class--January, 1996

Judy Vance, Circuit Court Judge, Columbia, KY
Iredell Class--September, 2001


Lowell C. "Chris" Hazel, State Representative
Rutledge Class--May, 2000


Elizabeth B. Hogan, 22nd Circuit Judge
Moody, Jr. Class--May, 1996

Robert A. Johnson, Reynolds County Prosecuting Attorney
Mundy Class--January, 1986


Mathew Harter, 8th Judicial District Court Judge
Ostrander Class--January, 1994

Harmony Letizia, Clark County Justice Court Judge
Clark J. Adams Class--May, 2008


Jeffrey R. Jablonski, New Jersey Superior Court - Civil Division Hudson County
Adams Class, 1997

Joseph Lagana, 38th Legislative District Assemblyman
Swift Class--September, 2004

A. Todd Mayo, East Brunswick Municipal Court Judge
Williams Class--May, 1994

Nicholas P. Scutari, State Senator
Carpenter Class--September, 1993


Frank Demolli, Pueblo of Pojoa Que Tribal Judge
Bird Class--January, 1995


Ralph P. Franco, Nassau County Supreme Court Justice
Bird Class--January, 1995

Susan Grelick, Amherst Town Supervisor
Whipple Class--September 1985

Mark Grisanti, State Senator
McGrath Class--January, 1992

Jaharr Pennington Pridgen, City Court Judge
George Edwards class--May, 2006

James E. Walsh Jr., Monroe County Family Court Judge
John W. Stone Class--January, 1996


William Graham, 21st District Judge 
Johnson Class--September, 1989

Patricia Young, 28th District Judge
Williams Class--May, 1994


William H. Harsha III, Ohio Court of Appeals Judge-- 4th Appellate District
Wing Class--January, 1982

Robert N. Rusu, Mahoning County Probate Court
Moore Class--May, 1993

Roger Stark, Margaretta High School Board of Education Member
Wilson Class--January, 2001

John M. Williams, Hamilton County Juvenile Court judge
Montgomery Class--May, 1992


Ricardo J. Menchaca, Washington County Circuit Court Judge
Richard C. Flannigan Class--January, 1999


William Amesbury, Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas Judge
Grant Class--September, 1987

Hon. Elizabeth S. Beckley, Magisterial District Judge in District Court 09-1-02, Commonwealth of Pennsylvania
Montgomery Class--May, 1992

Adam M. Beloff, Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas Judge
Moody, Jr. Class--May, 1996

Joe McIntosh, Chester Heights Borough Councilman
Adams Class--January 1997

Tedd C. Nesbit, State Representative, District 08
Cross class--January, 2004

Stefanie Salavantis, Luzerne County Prosecuting Attorney
Riley Class--May, 2009


James H. Bradberry, Weakley County Juvenile Court Judge
Wiest Class--May, 1979

Andrew Farmer, State Representative - District 17
James H. Brickley Class--September, 2007


Ramona Franklin, 338th District Court Judge, Harris County
Thomas Johnson Class--January, 2002

Adam V. Lichtenstein, former Harrison County Justice Court Judge
Turner Class--January, 1991

Ricardo Ramos, Maverick County Attorney
Cushing Class--September 2000

Randy Reynolds, Reeves County District Attorney
Lawrence Class--May, 1991


Michael Thompson, former State Representative
Witherell Class--September, 1990


Jeanette Irby, 20th Circuit Court Judge
Abner Pratt Class--May, 1988


Steve Callaghan, Circuit Court Judge - Nicholas County, West Virginia
Williams Class--1994

Dan James, Prosecuting Attorney - Hampshire County, West Virginia
Starr Class--2005

John R. Mitchell, Jr., former State Senator
O'Hara Class--January, 1983

Jonathan Sweeney, Prosecuting Attorney - Nicholas County, West Virginia
McAllister-- Class 2005


Joseph Klumb, former Marinette County District Attorney
Pratt Class--May, 1988


Graduates Holding Public Office

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