Earn from 10-100% of tuition throughout your enrollment.

Earning a scholarship during the admissions process can significantly reduce the total cost of a legal education. At WMU-Cooley you can earn a 10-100% tuition scholarship that is applied to all 90 credits required for graduation. Scholarships are awarded in 10% increments.


Scholarships are based upon merit and are determined by analyzing your LSAT score and undergraduate grade point average using a formula that determines academic success based upon the academic outcomes of previously admitted students.

Applicants to WMU-Cooley can expect a clear indication of their scholarship eligibility when an official admission offer is made without conditions tied to the offer. You are encouraged to compare the total value of the scholarship with other scholarship offers you may receive.

To get a sense of how much money can be saved by receiving a scholarship, the following chart illustrates the approximate amount awarded based upon each level of scholarship. These estimates are based upon 2015-16 academic-year tuition rates.

Scholarship Award
(% of tuition)
Approximate Scholarship Value
(90 credits)
100% $144,000
90% $129,600
80% $115,200
70% $100,800
60% $86,400
50% $72,000
40% $57,600
30% $43,200
20% $28,800
10% $14,400

Class-Rank Scholarships

Students receiving a scholarship award of less than 50% may increase the level of that scholarship through academic achievement in subsequent terms, based on the class ranking system.

Class-Rank Scholarships

The new, higher scholarship award is continued as a minimum award for the duration of the student's enrollment as long as the student is not subject to sanction under the Honor Code or Disciplinary Procedures.

Transfer Students

Transfer students can also qualify for an Honors Scholarship based upon their class rank at the school from which their transfer occurs.

Transfer Students

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Scholarship Guarantee

Unlike many law schools that only guarantee a scholarship for one year, WMU-Cooley scholarhips are awarded for all 90 credits, so long as the student is not subject to sanctions under the Honor Code or disciplinary procedures.

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