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You have the ability to do great things.

Find your excellence — become the lawyer you aspire to be.

Law school is a commitment. It is a challenge. It is the type of education that will bring out your best. Law school will open your mind, unlock your potential, and enable you to achieve in ways that you may have never imagined.

» Exceptional Curriculum - WMU-Cooley has an exceptional curriculum designed to prepare you for law practice.

» Experienced Faculty - We have one of the most experienced law faculty in the nation.

» Practice Ready - We have more clinical opportunities than most other law schools. Students are required to have a clinical experience before graduation.

» Globally Engaged - You have the chance to study with, and learn from, classmates from all over the world.


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A Great Choice

Developing and graduating well-rounded, practice-ready attorneys.

WMU-Cooley is built on three pillars: Knowledge, Skills and Ethics. With unmatched breadth and depth of learning opportunities, WMU-Cooley lawyers are prepared to hit the ground running from their first day. What will you get from a WMU-Cooley Law School degree?



The law school’s curriculum is designed to help you master the knowledge you’ll need to pass the bar examination and competently practice law. With 66 required credits – including Bar Exam Skills – you will have a class in almost every subject tested on the bar examinations in all 50 states.



The curriculum also teaches you the skills you need to be successful, even on your first day of practice. Unlike students at most schools, you will already have real-world practice. All students must participate in a clinic – essentially, an internal law firm of students who do pro bono work under an experienced faculty member’s supervision – or an externship with a practicing attorney or judge. The law school also offers several skills-based classes, like Pretrial Skills, Trial Skills, and Appellate Advocacy.



Finally, the school’s curriculum includes a strong emphasis on ethics, which is essential in the practice of law. WMU-Cooley prides itself on teaching students to exceed the ethics’ rules’ requirements by volunteering in their community and always acting above reproach.