Honors Scholarships for New Students

Your scholarship stays with you

Unlike at many law schools, your Cooley scholarship stays with you throughout your enrollment, so long as you are not subject to sanction under the Honor Code or Disciplinary Procedures.

Earning an Honors Scholarship Upon Admission

Our program rewards entering students whose credentials demonstrate good potential for successful law study. Entering students can earn from 15-100% of tuition based on their Cooley Admission Index or on the LSAT.*

Honors Scholarship by LSAT Score

LSAT Score Honors Scholarship  
160+ 100%  
153-159 50%  
149-152 25%  
147-148 15% (with 183+ Index)


Honors Scholarship by Cooley Admissions Index Score

Index Honors Scholarship  
217+ 100%  
214-216 80%  
210-213 60%  
205-209 50%  
198-204 25%  
191-197 15% (with 141+ LSAT)

Transfer Students

Transfer students can also qualify for an Honors Scholarship based upon their class rank at the school from which their transfer occurs.

Transfer Students

Increasing the Honors Scholarship Award

Once enrolled, a student receiving an honors scholarship of less than 50% may increase the level of that scholarship through academic achievement in subsequent terms, based on the class ranking system.

Class-Rank Scholarships

The new, higher scholarship award is continued as a minimum award for the duration of the student's enrollment as long as the student is not subject to sanction under the Honor Code or Disciplinary Procedures.

* Applies to students matriculating in May 2014 or after. Students who matriculated in an earlier term are ineligible for this scholarship rate, even if they withdrew from classes before completion of a term.

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