Integrity in Our Communities Lecture Series

Integrity in Our Communities Lecture Series

Integrity in our Communities Speaker Series

WMU-Cooley Law School's Integrity in our Communties lunch time speaker series offers students, staff, and faculty an opportunity to hear from attorneys, judges, and dedicated professionals who share their experiences on the topics of ethics, service, or professionalism. Below are just a sampling of speakers and series topics featured at all WMU-Cooley's campuses. 

"What to Do When You Screw Up"
Presented by Attorney Frank Reynolds. Mr. Reynolds is a shareholder with the Foster Swift Collins & Smith PC law firm.

"Disqualification: The Double-Edged Sword, Asking the court to remove opposing counsel — be careful what you wish for!"
Presented by Elizabeth Joy Fossel, Varnum LLP.

"Integrity: My Word is My Bond"
Presented by Judge Archie C. Brown.

"Personal and Professional Challenges of High Profile Criminal Cases"
Presented by Jeff Ashton, State Attorney for Florida's Ninth Judicial Circuit, and Mark NeJame, Founder and Senior Partner of NeJame Law.

"Bad Leaders/Misleaders"
Presented by Al Gini, Author and Professor of Business Ethics at Loyola University Chicago.

"An Ethical Response"
Presented by Caroline Johnson Levine, Esq., Florida Office of the Attorney General.

"Legal Ethics 2.0MG! Traps for Unwary Legal Professionals Using Social Media"
Presented by Mac R. McCoy, Shareholder, Carlton Fields.

"Practicing Law with Lincoln and Lowe"
Presented by the Hon. Ronald W. Lowe, 35th District Court, Wayne County. Wednesday, June 19, 2013, Noon- 1p.m., Ann Arbor Campus.

"Foundations of Success: Professionalism and Integrity"
Presented by Mr. Dennis Archer, Chairman and CEO of Dennis W. Archer PLLC and Chairman Emeritus of Dickinson Wright PLLC, and former American Bar Association President. Sponsored by the Davis-Dunnings Bar Association, the Krinock Fund, and the Center for Ethics, Service, and Professionalism.

"How to Avoid Having a Grievance Filed Against You by Clients, Other Attorneys, and Judges"
Presented by Sharon M. Hanlon, Esq.

"Being a Lawyer and Loving It!"
Presented by Cary McGehee, Founding Partner of Pitt, McGehee, Palmer, Rivers & Golden P.C.

"Character & Fitness Problems Often Encountered by Bar Applicants"
Presented by Scott Tozian, Esq. Partner at Smith, Tozian, & Hinkle, P.A.

"Actions Speak Louder Than Words: A Trial Lawyer's Lessons in Professionalism"
Presented by Chad D. Engelhardt, Goethel Engelhardt, PLLC.

"Abraham Lincoln: 10 Critical Tasks of Leadership"
Presented by Professor Al Gini.

"Ethics: War Stories from the Bar to the Bench"
Presented by the Honorable Nick Nazaretian Circuit Judge in Thirteenth Judicial Circuit of Florida.

"Lessons from 50 Years of Trying Cases"
Presented by Robert P. Cummins, The Cummins Law Firm, P.C.
Thursday, September 27, 2012, Grand Rapids Campus

"The New First Impression: Managing Your On-Line Reputation"
Presented by Cynthia Ward, Acting Associate Dean of Students, and Professionalism.

"Ethical Lessons Learned from A Famous Whistleblower Case"
Presented by Stanley H. Pitts, Partner, Honigman Miller Schwartz and Cohn LLP.

"The Multiple Facets of Professionalism"
Presented by Dr. Nick Martinez, Esq.

"Ethics, Who Needs Them?"
Presented by Senator Arlan Meekhof.

"Professionalism and Education Advocacy: Ensuring the Best for Our Children"
Panelists Include: Debora A. Blake, J.D. (ACCESS Education), Rita Walters (Parent Advocate), Mark L. McWilliams (Michigan Protection and Advocacy Service), Steven Lonzo (Assistant Principal, Sexton High School), Dennis Cichon (Professor, Cooley Law School), Jake Levine (Student Moderator, Cooley Law School).

"Professionalism and Education Advocacy: The Commitment We All Must Make to Ensure the Best for Our Children"
Panel Discussion: Debora A. Blake, J.D. (ACCESS Education) Michael L. Bevins, J.D. (Scholten Fant, P.C., Adjunct Professor, GVSU and WMU - Special Education Law), Mary Pollock (Director of Special Education, Jenison Public Schools), Greg Lamore (Assistant Superintendent for Special Needs, Ottawa Area Intermediate School District), Mark King (Director of Special Education, Ottawa Area Intermediate School District). Moderated by Professor David Tarrien, J.D., Cooley Law School, Frank Eaman, Attorney and Counselor, Frank D. Eaman PLLC.

"Ethical Implications of Court Appointed and Pro Bono Representation"
Presented by Frank Eaman, Attorney and Counselor, Frank D. Eaman PLLC.

"Ethics and Politics: Contradictory Concepts?"
Presented by Rep. Rashida Tlaib, Michigan House of Representatives 12th House District (Detroit).

"Are You Interested in Advocating for Children with Special Needs?"
Panel Discussion: Debora A. Blake, J.D., (ACCESS Education), Scot A. Reynolds, J.D. (Scot A. Reynolds, PLC), Patt Clement (Program Director, The Arc - Kent County), Douglas Ley (Moderator, Cooley Law School Student).

"How a Juris Doctor Affects a Career in Politics" Panel Discussion
Keynote Speakers: Michigan State Rep. Kevin Cotter, Rep. Mark Meadows, Rep. Rashisa Tlaib, Speaker John Walsh, Michigan State Sen. Tonya Schuitmaker, and Sen. Gretchen Whitmer.

"Ethics, Service, and Professionalism in Everything I Do"
Presented by Congressman Hansen Clarke, Representing the 13th District of Michigan.

"The Integrity of Our Judicial System - The Role of Diversity"
Presented by Judge J. Cedric Simpson, Washtenaw County District Court.

"Ethics in America"
Presented by Brigadier General Michael McDaniel, Former Michigan Homeland Security Advisor.

"Corporate Integrity"
Presented by Richard White, Senior Vice President, Secretary & General Counsel of the Auto Club Group.

"The Intricacies and Ethics of Cases Involving Death"
Presented by Andrew Abood, Attorney of Law.

"Integrity in Politics"
Presented by Saul Green, Deputy Mayor, Detroit.

"Prosecuting with Integrity"
Presented by Barbara McQuade, United States Attorney Eastern District of Michigan.

"Civility: In and Out of the Courtroom"
Presented by the State Bar of Michigan 2009 Respected Advocate Award winners William W. Jack, Jr., and William F. Mills.

"How Does a Public Official Stand Up to Intense Political Pressure and Do the Right Thing?"
Presented by Kym Worthy, Wayne County Prosecutor.

"Sailing Your Own Ship"
Presented by Barbara Craft, Attorney and World Explorer.

"Jury Trials and the Media"
Presented by Andrew Abood, Attorney at Law.

"Ethics and Professionalism in Public Defense"
Presented by Lloyd E. Powell, Office of Washtenaw County Public Defender, and most recent recipient of the State Bar of Michigan's Frank J. Kelly Distinguished Public Service Award.

"Lawyers Know Thy Self – Self-help and Professional Responsibility"
Presented by Martha Burkett, State Bar of Michigan Director for the Lawyers & Judges Assistance Program and Michael Burke, disbarred attorney and author of Never Enough: One Lawyer's True Story of How He Gambled His Career Away.

"Ethics of the Bailout"
Presented by E. Christopher Johnson, Cooley's Director of LL.M. Corporate Law and Finance.

"Practicing Criminal Law with Ethics & Integrity"
Presented by Stephen Rabaut, Cooley graduate and nationally recognized criminal defense attorney, whose high-profile cases include the Stephen Grant murder trial.

"Abraham Lincoln – Legal Ethics and Integrity in the Profession"
Presented by Gary E. Mitchell, former attorney and professional actor, and Associate Dean Nelson Miller.

"Presentation by State Bar of Michigan"
Presented by President Ed Pappas.

"Stories from the Street: The Experiences of Two Main-Street Lawyers"
Presented by Kenneth L. O'Deen and Thomas J. Dignan.

"Ethical Issues in the Representation of Death Row Prisoners"
Presented by Professor Kathy Swedlow.

"Navigating the Legal Culture"
Presented by Martha Burkett, State Bar of Michigan Director of the Lawyers & Judges Assistance Program, and Victoria Vuletich, Assistant Professor at the Cooley GR Campus.

"A Reprise of Atticus Finch's Closing Argument from Harper Lee's ‘To Kill a Mockingbird'"
Presented by Jon G. March.

"Ethics for Lawyers and Judges in 2009"
Presented by The Honorable Marilyn Kelly, Michigan Supreme Court.

"How to Believe in Your Case Even When You Don't"
Presented by Carole D. Bos.

"Navigating the Legal Culture"
Presented by Martha Burkett, State Bar of Michigan Director of the Lawyers & Judges Assistance Program, and Victoria Vuletich Visiting Professor at the Cooley Grand Rapids Campus.

"Lobbying - Advocacy with a Twist"
Presented by Nell Kuhnmuench, Director for Governmental Consultant Services, Inc.

"The Motto of a Minority Justice: Keep Your Head Down and Keep On Shoveling"
Presented by Justice Michael F. Cavanagh, Michigan Supreme Court.

"Ethics in Criminal Prosecution and Defense"
Panel Discussion: Alan Gershel - Visiting Professor, Cooley Law School, Tom Cranmer - Principal, Miller, Canfield, Paddock and Stone, Judge Gerald E. Rosen - U. S. District Court for the Eastern District of Michigan. Moderated by: Cooley Professors Martha Moore and Lisa Halushka.

"Integrity on the Bench"
Presented by Judge Leo Bowman, 6th Circuit Court, Oakland County.

"Representing City Hall: A Lawyer's Life on the Public Stage"
Presented by Phil Balkema, Former City Attorney of Grand Rapids.

"The Value of Pro Bono Service"
Presented by Derek S. Witte, Associate, Miller Johnson.

"Breathe Life Into the Lawyer's Oath"
Presented by Reginald Turner, Partner - Clark Hill, Boardmember - Michigan State Board of Education.

"Integrity in Our Communities"
Presented by Federal Judge Denise Page Hood.

"Service: A Crucial Element to a Successful Legal Career"
Presented by Chris Johnson, North America Vice President and General Counsel of the General Motors Corporation.

"Finding Your Professional Identity"
Presented by Nancy L. Haynes, Executive Director of the Fair Housing Center of Greater Grand Rapids.

"Infallibility and the Criminal Justice System"
Presented by Saul A. Green, Senior Counsel and member of Miller Canfield's Criminal Defense Group.

"The Judicial Code of Conduct and the Rules of Professional Conduct: Avoiding Even the Appearance of Impropriety"
Presented by Chief Judge William C. Whitbeck, Michigan Court of Appeals.

"Access to Legal Representation for Underserved Populations"
Presented by Jon Muth, General Counsel for Miller Johnson, Former State Bar of Michigan President.

"Professionalism in Criminal Defense"
Presented by Frank Harrison Reynolds, State & Federal Criminal Defense Attorney, The Reynolds Law Firm, P.C.


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