Reproductive Rights Discussed at WMU-Cooley Constitution Day Event

WMU-Cooley Law School’s Grand Rapids campus held a panel discussion on the differing views of reproductive rights as part of the law school’s annual Constitution Day activities. The September 17 discussion, which was hosted by the Organization of Women Law Students, featured panelists Tracy Hall, WMU Gender and Women's Studies professor and Kalamazoo County commissioner; and Tevor Pollo, director of training for Protect Life Michigan. Assistant Dean and Constitutional Law Professor Devin Schindler Students moderated the discussion, which included questions from those in attendance.

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During the discussion, panelists offered responses, which highlighted their major differences while sharing how they find value in each side’s views.

Pictured (left-right) Organization of Women Law Students (OWLS) Secretary Melissa Heinz; WMU-Cooley student Kennedy Winnie; Director of Training for Protect Life Michigan Trevor Pollo, OWLS Events Coordinator Rachel Sheinin, WMU Gender and Women's Studies Professor Tracy Hall, Kaylee Taucher, OWLS President Sarah Bolen, OWLS Treasurer Cody Walker, and Assistant Dean and Professor Devin Schindler.

“I don't think anyone is pro-abortion, we just want to reduce the number of unintended pregnancies,” said Hall. “My point of view is that abortion is a public health issue.” 

Pollo encouraged students to think about these issues because they are in a position not to just interpret laws, but are able, through their profession, to help change and develop laws for the good. “Abortion takes the life of an innocent human being.  Where you are located should not impact your right to life,” said Pollo.

 WMU-Cooley student Rachel A. Sheinin, events coordinator for OWLS said, “We knew we wanted the event to be safe for a conversation with varying opinions on such a controversial topic of reproductive rights.” 




Sep 20 2019


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